Plastic Packaging

Plastics are the ideal packaging material for a variety of modern requirements.  There are many types of plastic that have different functional properties such as being; food safe, flexible, transparent, and chemical and heat resistant.  Plastics are perfect for displaying products in a retail environment and are lightweight, durable and versatile.

1st Packaging Ltd strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible and chooses to use PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) in all our manufacture.  Because of the recyclability of PET and the relative abundance of post-consumer waste in the form of bottles, PET is the number one choice.  We use only recycled PET (RPET) to produce our clear plastic packaging.  The packaging has a minimum of 60% post-consumer waste and it is also fully recyclable after use. In addition, 100% of our factory waste is recycled.

We can produce printed cardboard cartons with clear PET pick and place windows.  The windows become an integral part of the carton construction.  The clear plastic PET windows can be incorporated in up to three sides giving a premium look that will drive sales.

All of our clear plastic packaging is custom made to exactly fit your needs.  As we manufacture our clear plastic cartons here in the UK, we can offer very fast turnarounds on orders, especially if made from our extensive range of stock materials.  Our design team is always available to assist you from initial design concept through the final production.  Contact us by emailing or call  01844 273663 to discuss your packaging requirements.



Transparent Plastic Boxes and Cartons

Clear folding boxes and cartons with printed card insert

Acetate Box Sleeves

Plastic sleeves and collars glued or with locking tabs

Clear Plastic Cartons

in PVC / P.E.T / Polypropylene

Plastic Packaging

Printed cardboard carton with RPET pick and place window

P.E.T / PVC/ Acetate Clear Tubes

Clear P.E.T Tube with clear lid and cardboard base

Clear P.E.T Cartons and Boxes

From Initial Design to product on Shelf

Clear Plastic Packaging

Litho printed P.E.T Carton with injection moulded base

RPET Cartons and Boxes

Transparent Cartons made from Recycled RPET

Transparent Packaging

Cartons made from RPET/PET/ACETATE

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Supplying packaging to

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