Clear Plastic Cartons

Shelf impact clear plastic cartons can give you excellent visibility whilst still offering good protection.

Our transparent boxes produce packs that present and promote your products to their full potential in the cosmetics, giftware, food & drink, confectionary and promotional packaging markets.

Our packaging material is all PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). Because of the recyclability of PET and the relative abundance of post-consumer waste in the form of bottles, PET is the number one choice. We use only recycled PET (RPET) to produce our clear plastic packaging. The packaging has a minimum of 60% post-consumer waste and it is also fully recyclable after use. In addition, 100% of our factory waste is recycled.

Widely used within the retail packaging marketplace our cartons can be supplied in many forms.

As customer products come in a variety of shapes and sizes it is sometimes necessary to restrict their movement within the pack for safe transportation. Plinths and inserts are then used. These can be made in the same clear plastic to match the outer RPET carton or the addition of cardboard printed inserts which, can visually help to promote the products and secure its position.

In some designs it may be possible to make the RPET insert as an integral part of the carton. The clear plastic cartons and inserts are supplied flat ready to be made up by the packing team.

Eurohanging tabs can be made as an integral part of the clear carton as part of the back panel or as a central Eurohanger.

For high quality print images we offer silkscreen-, litho-, flexo-, and gravure print as well as foil blocking and embossing.

  • Silkscreen print: the most cost effective for simple designs and small runs.
  • Litho print: for high quality complicated designs.
  • Flexo print: high volume simple print.
  • Gravure: high volume intricate designs.


Transparent Plastic Boxes and Cartons

Clear folding boxes and cartons with printed card insert

Acetate Box Sleeves

Plastic sleeves and collars glued or with locking tabs

Clear Plastic Cartons

in PVC / P.E.T / Polypropylene

Plastic Packaging

Printed cardboard carton with RPET pick and place window

P.E.T / PVC/ Acetate Clear Tubes

Clear P.E.T Tube with clear lid and cardboard base

Clear P.E.T Cartons and Boxes

From Initial Design to product on Shelf

Clear Plastic Packaging

Litho printed P.E.T Carton with injection moulded base

RPET Cartons and Boxes

Transparent Cartons made from Recycled RPET

Transparent Packaging

Cartons made from RPET/PET/ACETATE

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