Clear P.E.T Cartons and Boxes

With our extensive industry experience in the manufacture of clear PET cartons and boxes, we have created many durable and eye-catching solutions.

The use of recycled clear plastic PET (RPET) allows us to create designs with extraordinary visual appeal that stand out in a retail or other display environment.

Improvements in recent years of the quality of recycled PET means that we now use recycled material for all of our cartons and windows, these finished products are also fully recyclable.

RPET conforms to the EC directive on packaging and packaging waste which states that all packaging must be recoverable.

Our experienced design team is on hand at every stage to support and advise on the best packaging solutions.

We aim to produce innovative packaging solutions in and environmentally friendly material, on time and on budget.

Samples are available on request.


Transparent Plastic Boxes and Cartons

Clear folding boxes and cartons with printed card insert

Acetate Box Sleeves

Plastic sleeves and collars glued or with locking tabs

Clear Plastic Cartons

in PVC / P.E.T / Polypropylene

Plastic Packaging

Printed cardboard carton with RPET pick and place window

P.E.T / PVC/ Acetate Clear Tubes

Clear P.E.T Tube with clear lid and cardboard base

Clear P.E.T Cartons and Boxes

From Initial Design to product on Shelf

Clear Plastic Packaging

Litho printed P.E.T Carton with injection moulded base

RPET Cartons and Boxes

Transparent Cartons made from Recycled RPET

Transparent Packaging

Cartons made from RPET/PET/ACETATE

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Supplying packaging to

Tesco logo for packaging